LED Chips and LED Solutions for Customized Applications

LED Chip

The LED has opened up a wide variety of application fields in recent years. Despite this development, standard solutions often do not meet customer-specific requirements. Chips 4 Light closes this gap with individual solutions.

LEDs are ubiquitous as light sources today and are increasingly displacing conventional light sources. In application fields such as the automotive industry, sensor technology and medicine, manufacturers are exploiting the potential of the technology in ever new innovative functions. Here, LEDs improve safety, open up new design options and accompany the transformation in the field of smart technology. In terms of the share of the product range in the lighting product group in electrical wholesale, LEDs already account for around 15 percent (as of 2020).

LED production is still in a development process. As a result, suitable standard solutions are not immediately available for all conceivable fields of application. Developers are therefore often forced to align innovative products with existing components, which proves to be an additional hurdle. As a distributor and manufacturer of optoelectronic components, Chips 4 Light offers an alternative: LED chips as well as individual, customized LEDs offer developers and manufacturers the possibility of adapting the LED to their plans, instead of the other way around as is often the case. In particular, the demand for miniaturization can be better met by integrating LED chips in special applications.

Chips 4 Light distributes and processes LED chips (bare die), i.e. pure semiconductors without substrate, encapsulation material or optics. The company offers a wide portfolio of LED chips from UV to infrared and white, different chip sizes from 6 to 80 mil, detectors and also laser diodes. With individual solutions Chips 4 Light is dedicated to the special requirements of its customers for optoelectronic components and realizes them already in small and medium quantities.  

The further competence of the Bavarian company lies in the development of complete LED components, as finished components, which can be soldered directly onto a circuit board. Chips 4 Light thus offers its customers maximum flexibility in integration and supports its customers from prototype development to complete series production.

"We offer our customers both an extensive portfolio of LED chips, LEDs, detectors and laser products from leading manufacturers and the comprehensive know-how to generate LEDs even in small and medium quantities," explains Dr. Wolfgang Huber, managing director of Chips 4 Light GmbH from Sinzing. "In addition to technical expertise, we have the necessary equipment to sort and measure LED chips on behalf of customers, or even to transfer them to a waffle pack for long-term storage and to measure individual laser diodes."

In the chip handling area, Chips 4 Light works with die sorters. The fully automated sorting system is used to sort semiconductor chips to provide small and sample quantities off the wafer and to provide customer-specific quantities.

In LED development, Chips 4 Light uses advanced software simulations to calculate lenses and plan thermal management according to customer specifications.

"We aim to find the right solution for every customer-specific requirement, no matter how far it is from the market standard," emphasizes Dr. Huber.