Taking sustainable responsibility

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Sustainable products leave as small an ecological footprint as possible. Ideally, they are "balanced" in terms of their environmental footprint (from raw materials to production, transport, use and disposal). This means that sustainable products should both have a long service life and have as little impact on the environment as possible during use, production and disposal.

As a manufacturer and supplier of optoelectronic components, we handle one of the key technologies for a "green" future on a daily basis. The advantages of LEDs, for example, include not only their light quality but also their high energy efficiency and long service life. 

Sustainable everyday life and consumption means individual behaviors whose goal is to create the smallest possible ecological footprint. 
As a team within the company, we try to do our part by working with and purchasing from regional partners and suppliers whenever possible. 

  • Company building in timber frame construction with natural garden
  • Own photovoltaic system with 72 kWP with electricity for self-consumption and feed-in
  • Conversion of company vehicles to e-mobiles
  • E-charging stations for customers and employees
  • Promotion of car pooling
  • Regional suppliers for our company needs
  • Checking all our partners for their sustainability standards

Environmental, economic and social sustainability: We try to do our part to meet our needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This idea is particularly important to us at Chips 4Light.