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Chips 4 Light provides bare LED dice, detector dice, and laser -chips, -bars, and -diodes of renowned manufacturers. We develop special optoelectronic devices as well as customized led modules, which can be furnished with individual ASICs on request.

Chips 4 Light GmbH is geared towards clients requiring special optoelectronic devices and searching customized solutions for medium-scale quantities. With its high standard of competence and quality, Chips 4 Light fills exactly that gap. The team draws from many years of experience in customer consulting and profound technological expertise. They get to the bottom of even unusual customer projects and find the best and most efficient solution. Chips 4 Light provides bare dice for lasers, detectors and various LED dice of renowned manufacturers. They develop special optoelectronic devices as well as customized modules, which can be furnished with individual ASICs on request.

  • Dr. Wolfgang Huber
  • Owner and CEO
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  • Desirée Prem
  • Quality Management, HR
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  • Beate Jungwirth
  • Marketing Communications
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  • Mareike Onkelbach
  • Registered Manager
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  • Sina Lichey
  • Order Management, Office Organisation
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  • Werner Judenmann
  • Responsible for Laboratory and Production
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  • Sara Mustafic
  • Trainee
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  • Petra Vitalyos
  • Order Management
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  • Barbara Gruber
  • Development and Engineering
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  • Patrick Kammerl
  • Development and Production
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  • Christian Jahn
  • Technical Sales
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Our distribution partner for LED chip business and customized solutions.

Cree LED cree LED logo primary 01

Cree LED, a Smart Global Holdings company, delivers best-in-class technology and breakthrough solutions for our focus applications: High Power General Lighting, Automotive, Video Screens and Specialty Lighting. Cree LED offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of application-optimized LEDs that lead the industry in lumen density, intensity, efficacy, optical control and reliability.

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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is one of the world’s leading suppliers of opto components in the fields of illumination, visualization and sensing.

Light Avenue GmbH 150202 lightavenue Logo Led Chips Kopie

Our partner for customized LED developments. Light Avenue develops with us and for our customers LED components and LED modules, from the simulation to production.

iC-Haus ic haus

iC-Haus GmbH
is a leading German supplier of standard ICs (ASSP) and customized ASiC semiconductor solutions.
The company was founded in 1984, has a global partner network and sales offices and offers solutions for industry, automotive, and medical applications.

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Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e. V. (SPS) is a partner and business network concerning sensor technology. They concentrate businesses, developers, and other service providers as well as universities and research institutes.

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bayern photonics e.V. is a regional cluster and supports especially research institutes and companies from the branch optical technologies with the aim of generating and developing regional cooperation inside the network.