LED Chip Sorting


LED Die Sorting
With our service we offer customized sorting of LED dice in smaller to medium quantities. We sort from foil on gel pack or waffle pack and vice versa.

Characterisation of Laser Diodes
We specify blue and green laser diodes on customer demand.

LED Chips and LED Components - What is it?

We at Chips 4 Light work with optoelectronic semiconductors and distinguish on the one hand in LED chips or as a synonym for chip bare die, die or dice and LED component on the other hand.

LED chips are pure semiconductors without substrate, encapsulation material and possibly optics. The contacted chip is the actual light-emitting source. 
If the chip is contacted on a carrier (ceramic, FR4, pre-molded leadframe...) and then encapsulated, so to speak built into a package, then we speak of a LED component. The component is the finished part, which can then be soldered onto a circuit board.

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Measurement of LED Bare Dice / LED / Lasers
  • Wavelength, Voltage and optical Power
  • Possible housings are SMD and THT (TO-Header) and single bare dice
LED Die Sorting
  • Sorting to frame, waffle-package and gel-package

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