CHIPS 4 LIGHT with an extensive portfolio for sensing applications


LED chips, point light sources, customer-specific modules and in-house developments especially for sensors, detectors and laser chips result in a complete product portfolio.
The optoelectronics specialist Chips 4 Light with its comprehensive product range offers a solution for almost all applications in the field of optoelectronic sensors.

The LED C4L-RM10HRE/MIS/NIS with a beam angle of 10° is particularly suitable for demanding applications due to its available wavelengths of 640, 850 or 940 nm. The C4L-RM10xxx delivers power values in the red and infrared range around 40 - 50 mW and a radiation intensity of several hundred mW/sr at an applied current of 50mA.

The component delivers record beam strengths of 600mW per solid angle (mW/sr). Compared to other radial LEDs, the Beam LED with 10° beam angle offers around 60 percent higher efficiency. The robust components are available in all wavelengths commonly used for optical sensors (640, 850 and 940 nm) and are approved for ambient temperatures up to 125°C. The LED beam is available in a wide range of wavelengths.

Both the C4L-RM10xxx and C4LRM10xxx are injection molded with specially manufactured tools. This ensures high reproducibility and significantly reduces possible known effects such as "squinting".

C4L-CL300HRE as efficient point light source in pulsed operation
The LED delivers more than 50 mW optical power at 500 mA pulse current. Its black SMT housing of standard size 1206 avoids reflections and stray light. The round emission window has a diameter of 300 micrometers. The beam path is not disturbed by a bond pad or a bond wire. This considerably simplifies signal evaluation in encoder applications, for example. The LED is available in the red spectral range at typ. 640 nm.

C4L-PM240RBD/TGD as blue and green, very powerful point light source
The LED is characterized by a high radiant power of up to 40 mW at a current of 50 mA and can be operated continuously up to a current of 150 mA. The light spot has a surface dimension of approx. 110x190 µm² and there is no restriction due to shading by a bonding wire in the visible area. The LED is available in standard size 0603.

Powerful designs from our own development with our own LED chips
The LEDs presented above are developments of Chips 4 Light and use the corresponding chips from our own product range. The company also supplies bare dice chips in various wavelengths, sizes and geometries. For example, the C4L-R20T5 can be listed with a side contact so that no bond wire appears in the field of view. In addition, C4L has significantly expanded its portfolio in the IR range from 650-850 nm. The chips of the types LA AIxxx to LA EIxxx are available in their type. Specifications lie in this wavelength group. Chips in the wavelength range 800-1000nm are also available. In addition to LED chips, the company also offers photodiodes and phototransistors.  
Laser chips such as the SPL DS90_3, which emits at 905nm and is well suited for e.g. time-of-flight applications, are an alternative to LED chips.
As a service, C4L also offers its customers support in LED development and component design.