Chips 4 Light installs sorting machine for LED chips


Chips 4 Light installs sorting machine for LED chips
High-quality LED chips in small and medium quantities

The optoelectronics specialist Chips 4 Light is investing in a sorting machine for LED chips (die Sorter) to make small and medium quantities available. LED chips are usually only available on large wafers with tens of thousands of chips. With the die Sorter, Chips 4 Light offers its customers the opportunity to purchase samples or small quantities. According to the desired specification, the chips can also be sorted in quantities of a few hundred or thousand pieces. Chips 4 Light is currently one of the few providers of such a service in Europe.

LED chips are mainly used in specific applications such as sensor technology, medicine and industry. However, the quantities for many applications, for example in medical measuring devices, are significantly lower than the quantities available on a standard wafer. In addition, some designs, especially in sensor technology, have very specific requirements with regard to certain parameters such as wavelength or brightness. For most manufacturers, the purchase of their own die sorter is not economical. Chips 4 Light now offers a corresponding solution with its new sorting service. As a licensed distributor of well-known chip manufacturers such as Cree and Osram Opto Semiconductors, the company is also able to offer high-quality chips in the exact quantities required.

Sorting by measured quantity

The new offer includes LED chips of all wavelengths as well as infrared chips. Certain chip types can also be sorted according to specific wavelength, brightness and voltage. It is also possible to sort on customer-specific carriers, for example from foil to waffle pack and vice versa. The sorting process is preceded by an optical check, detailed documentation forms the basis of every sorting order. Chips 4 Light offers this new service on request.