High Current LED Dice

High Current LED Dice

Much light from a small surface

Anywhere you need much light output off a small surface! Combine RGB for special lighting applications.

We at Chips 4 Light work with optoelectronic semiconductors and distinguish on the one hand in LED chips or as a synonym for chip bare die, die or dice and LED component on the other hand. 
LED chips are pure semiconductors without substrate, encapsulation material and possibly optics. The contacted chip is the actual light-emitting source. 
If the chip is contacted on a carrier (ceramic, FR4, pre-molded leadframe...) and then encapsulated, so to speak built into a package, then we speak of a LED component. The component is the finished part, which can then be soldered onto a circuit board.

These high current dice can be driven at very high currents compared to the chip size, thus an outstanding cost vs.performance ratio can be obtained. The compact chip architecture delivers a high optical power density for lighting applications that require an intense lighting output. The combination of RGB allows innovative lighting designs. We also offer special wavelengths in UV for disinfection applications. 


  • Highest luminous and radiant powers per 1mm² in the market
  • Biggest current density up to 3A/mm²
  • Available at 390 nm, 435 nm, 455 nm, 527 nm, 620 nm
  • Die size around 40 x 47 mil²
  • Only 5 mil thickness -> optimized thermal properties
  • Highly optimized current distribution across the die
  • Side bondbar -> Possibility of using more than 1 bondwire
  • No bondwire in the optical emission window -> no shadowing
  • Surface emitting dice -> optimum for optical coupling
  • Gold backside -> possibility of Ag sintering
  • UV, blue and green dice have the same design, red is different
  • Maximum applicable current: 3A

These LED chips are useful in a braod range of applications. Especially the idea of packing a high light densitiy in a RGB combination into a suffiicient housing makes this product a smart solution for lighting and projection applications. The LED chip in the lower UV range can be efficiently used in medical applications.

Further target applications are: Medical, spectroscopy, projection, automotive illumination, general lighting, design illumination, stadium lighting, specialty lighting, position lighting, disinfection systems, sterilization

High Current LED Dice

  Product Typ. Wavelength Wavelength Unit Typ. Brightness Brightness Unit Measurement Current Size Typ. Chip Height Polarity Data Sheet Inquiry
C4L U47X2 51 LA UX47WP6
395 nm 1500 mW 1000 mA 1000 µm 120 µm p side up
LA EB47WP6 50 LA EB47WP6
437 nm 1600 mW 1000 mA 1185 µm 120 µm p side up
C4L D47X2 51 C4L-D47X2
450 nm 1400 mW 1000 mA 1185 µm 120 µm p side up
C4L B47X2 51 C4L-B47X2
460 nm 1300 mW 1000 mA 1185 µm 120 µm p side up
C4L T47X2 51 C4L-T47X2
525 nm 80000 mcd 1000 mA 1185 µm 120 µm p side up
C4L A4046T6 C4L-A4046T6
617 nm 40000 mcd 1000 mA 1000 µm 120 µm n side up
LA UR4046WP6 50 LA UR4046WP6
625 nm 40000 mcd 1000 mA 1170 µm 120 µm n side up

Chips 4 Light provides bare LED dice, detector dice, laser -chips, -bars, and -diodes of renowned manufacturers as well as LED components. We distribute special optoelectronic devices as well as customized modules, which can be furnished with individual ASICs on request. For a better customer satisfaction we sort led dice based on your specification.

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