Blue Laser

  Product Laser Package Typ. Wavelength Wavelength Unit Optical Output Power Threshold Current Beam Mode Monitor Diode Data Sheet Inquiry
TO56 445 nm 250 mW 200 mA MM no
PLPT9 450D E 50 v2 PLPT9 450D_E
TO90 447 nm 3500 mW 250 mA MM no
PL 450B 50 v2 PL 450B
TO38 450 nm 80 mW 17 mA SM no
PL TB 450B 50 PL TB450B
TO56 450 nm 1600 mW 200 mA MM no
PLT5 450B 50 PLT5 450B
TO56 450 nm 80 mW 17 mA SM no
PLT3 450C 50 v2 PLT3 450C
TO38 450 nm 20 mW 10 mA SM no


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