Customized Optoelectronics of Top Quality

Our new service: We characterize laser diodes! Ask us for more information.

Chips 4 Light provides bare led dice, detector chips, and lasers of renowned manufacturers. We develop special optoelectronic devices as well as customized modules, which can be furnished with individual ASICs on request.

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We characterize laser diodes!

We specify blue and green laser diodes based on customer request. Each single diode is measured for wavelength and/or performance. Therefore we develop a special testing equipment. Ask us for more details.


Product Update

See the specification for our new true green 20 mil LED die.

New UV and IR LED Chips available!

We extend our portfolio for new UV and IR LED chips!
LA UX40FP1 and LA UX60FP1 with 380 - 410 nm, in 40 und 60  mil Chip!

We also offer new IR chip types in typ. 855 and 940 nm.



Chips 4 Light installs LED Chip Sorter

The opto electronic specialist Chips 4 Light invest in a LED die sorter in order to offer small and medium scale quantities of LED chips for our customers. Ask us for our service.

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OASIS 2019

Visit us at OASIS 2019 in Tel Aviv.
Fix your appointment with us and find us on OptecNet booth.
Further information and registration: