Narrow Angle Laser Based Light Source

Narrow Angle Laser Based Light Source

Unique laser based light source for highly efficient applications

The modular narrow angle laser based light source is a unique type of laser module with a directional optical beam that offers an opportunity to design compact and highly efficient outdoor, scientific and industrial applications.

Currently the portfolio comprises a green and yellow light source with an outstanding level of peak luminous intensity up to 8000 cd and a beam of 4° and 8° viewing angle, which can be used in the design of compact and highly efficient subsequent optical elements.

The laser modules can integrate additional optical functions such as short-pass or long-pass spectral filters, light guides or lenses. the module is a TO-based solution with leads. The green and yellow color is achieved by converting the blue light with a light converting crystal. At the top there is a thread to mount the above mentioned filters, lenses,...

The modules are designed to provide a stable and superior performance of 500 - 1000 lumen with minimal size and a weight of only 17.6 gramm.


  • Module is a fit-for-purpose light source combining the best of laser and LED technology
  • Optimized for easy integration and maximal system efficiency
  • Simple optical solution with smaller optics resulting in a compact module
  • Reduction of development cost and innovation time
  • Low etendue light source < 0.2 mm² x sr
  • Non-coherent light
  • Module is suitable for continuous wave and pulse operations
  • High reliability

Target Applications:

  • Life Science and medical confocal microscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Biotech
  • Industrial machine vision
  • Sensoric
  • Projection
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Scientific


  • New white light source in 2023
  • Further increase in luminance can be expected of the next years and also some multi-module systems.


  Produkt Typ. Wellenlänge Wavelength Unit Typ. Helligkeit Brightness Unit Messstrom LED Größe LED Abstrahlwinkel Datenblatt Anfrage
555 nm 500 lm 3000 mA 12 mm 4 °
555 nm 1000 lm 3000 mA 12 mm 8 °
568 nm 500 lm 3000 mA 12 mm 4 °
568 nm 800 lm 2500 mA 12 mm 8 °

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