Building Site Journal


Cable! Cable!

New week, new progress!
Hard to believe that will be a working infrastructure soon! We have no doubt.


The front is ready

Just because it took a while does't mean we have no progress!
Facade is ready, scaffold is down! Now we star over with all the interior!

IMG 1726

The house is closed now!

Windows and doors are built-in! From now on all the installation on the inside will pick up.

IMG 1659

The roof is almost ready!

Wow, that was fast! The roof is almost ready and the building is closed so far. Again what a progress!

IMG 1630

We are already at deck 2

If they push further that hard we can move in soon. But seriously: This progress is pretty impressive. 

IMG 3559

And here we start!

Today some more equipment and crane arrived at the construction site and also the first parts of the building itself are delivered. 

IMG 1580

Welcome back in 2021, we start over!

After a holiday and winter break, we are all back and start over with the set up of the buliding. Step by step! The first essential equipment is there.


The base!

The basis for a new buidling is in place here. It looks really contemplative. We will have that view in the future, too! Really nice!

IMG 1535

A litte further progress

October 2020

For that size of ground and the little digger we can see a little further progress. All the preparations for making the bottom plate keep on going.